What we offer

What we offer

OligoNova Hub

From target to preclinical “in vitro PoC”
This national facility is currently forming and will become a part of SciLifeLab’s Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) platform. The hub will provide academic researchers in Sweden with support and capabilities to convert ideas and discoveries into potential new oligonucleotide therapies. Selected projects will have access to all the infrastructure, services and knowledge available through the OligoNova hub and the SciLifeLab DDD platform.

The OligoNova hub has been made possible through support from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation, SciLifeLab, University of Gothenburg, and a donation from Carl Bennet.

The OligoNova hub will be located at the AstraZeneca BioVentureHub in Gothenburg and will be functional from early 2022.

OligoNova Accelerate

From preclinical “in vitro PoC” to preclinical PoC/early clinical evaluation
The vision for this part of OligoNova  is to establish a mechanism able to support the development of promising drug projects all the way to preclinical proof of concept and early clinical evaluation. OligoNova Accelerate will provide excellent conditions and support for start-ups through expert knowledge, capital, and investor network.

R&D Challenges

Innovative science collaborations
Successfully addressing the current R&D challenges will create the basis for development of novel and innovative oligonucleotide therapies. We are currently focusing on solutions to promote productive cellular uptake and targeted delivery of oligonucleotides to specific tissues or cell types, but are open to address additional challenges in collaboration with national and international constellations.


National scientific network on oligonucleotide research
A national network of researchers, clinicians and innovators, bringing together more than 40 research groups representing academia, industry, institutes, healthcare regions and SMEs.

The network will strive to build both national and international collaborations to tackle the key R&D challenges and create innovative solutions, tools and knowledge that will in turn feed into the development of novel oligonucleotide therapies.