Therapeutic oligonucleotides – Medicines of the future

About OligoNova

OligoNova is a Swedish initiative addressing challenges in Research & Development of therapeutic oligonucleotides and supporting the development of novel therapies. OligoNova has the vision to deliver R&D innovations that will result in new patents, start-up companies and innovate treatments to patients.

What we offer

OligoNova Hub >

From target to preclinical “in vitro PoC”
Part of SciLifeLab DDD platform

OligoNova Accelerate >

From preclinical “in vitro PoC” to preclinical PoC/early clinical evaluation

R&D Challenges >

Innovative science collaborations

Network >

National scientific network on oligonucleotide research


A short presentation of OligoNova and the power of therapeutic oligonucleotides


OligoNova Hub appoints
new scientific director

More about OligoNova

OligoNova was initiated by the University of Gothenburg and AstraZeneca in 2020…